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Academic Performance of Male and Female Students in Maurid Polytechnic

Academic Performance of Male and Female Students in Maurid Polytechnic

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1.1     Background to the Study

The study of gender is not just mere identification of male and female sexes according to Okeke (2003). Scholars have gone further to identify responsibilities assigned to opposite sex and to analyze the condition under which those responsibilities are assigned. Meanwhile, when considering gender in academic standpoint, it is noted that such notion as gender differences and assigned responsibilities should be out of context. Rather, gender equity and balance treatment should be maintained in both sexes in Mathematics and science in general.

Now considering national growth in terms of science and technology, Mathematics is number one subject and the tool that service science and technology. The world is fast changing due to science and technology, hence emphasis on science, technology is seen as the language of science, engineering and technology and it can be said that without Mathematics, there can be neither science nor engineering and it found

 However, when it comes to workforce in a given nation, it is noted that there are gender differences especially in science, Mathematics and engineering. In the past three decades, there has been a concerted effort to find out why there is a shortage of women in science, Mathematics, engineering and technical field according to American Association of University Women Report (AAUW, 1993).

It was found that women who pursue careers in sciences, engineering and Mathematics most often chose fields in biological science where they represent 40% of workforce with smaller percentage found in Mathematics. Odebode (2001) pointed out that “it is disheartening to note that a very small percentage of employed female are in science, technology and Mathematics education (STM)”.

Meanwhile, emphasis on gender difference is advocated by many to maintain gender equity and balance treatment in both sexes, most especially in science and Mathematics to ensure a balanced workforce. To this end, Odebode (2001), opined that this negative attitude towards gender fairness should be discouraged and proper encouragement of gender balance in education should be promoted. Unfortunately, gender imbalance in science education has remain a continual problem of global scope (Bordo, 2001; Reid, 2003; United Nation Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO, 2003).

Academic Performance of Male and Female Students in Maurid Polytechnic

1.2     Statement of the Problem

The choice of the current topic is predicated on the current world trend and research emphasis on the issue of gender differences and academic performance of students. Meanwhile, owing to gender and academic performance of students, the following were observed from recent researches.

Deducing from the above studies, it is noted that the issue of gender differences and academic performance is a problem that need a further study as it stance is not certain. This prompted the researcher to carry out this research in Maurid Polytechnic to ascertain the stance of gender differences and academic performance of students in the Area.

1.3     Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of this study is to examine academic performance of male and female students in Maurid Polytechnic; specifically, the study sought to;

(i) Ascertain if there exists any significant difference in the academic performance of boys and girls in Maurid Polytechnic

1.4     Significance of the Study

The significance of the study sought to help lecturers to be able to marry the gender characteristics of male and female students in the classroom setting. Thus, given equal attention to both sexes.

The finding would also help curriculum planners and relevant educational agencies on the need to work toward achieving gender equity.

The findings are equally expected to serve as a body of literature review for other researchers in various professions.

1.6     Research Question

The following research questions were formulated to guide the study was as follow:

i         what  is the significant difference between boys and girls that study in Maurid Polytechnic ?

1.7     Limitation of the Study

A work of this nature and magnitude demands enough time and finance, but this study is constrained by its limited time problem for the completion as the researcher combined the study with normal semester’s work.

1.9     Definition of Terms 

Gender: Gender as used in this study refers to the properties that distinguishes organism on the basis of their reproductive role as male and female.

GENDER DIFFERENCES: This refers to the disparity, the variation, the imbalance and gap existing between male and female.

GENDER EDUCATION:  This refers to the instructional sensitization practices devoid of cultural bias and prejudices about gender in any field of study irrespective of sex.

Academic Performance: As used in this study refers to high performance in tests, passing courses, terminal examinations and completion of school at all level.

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